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My name is Pieter Schoehuijs. In one of my previous roles I was CIO of AkzoNobel for six years. I led an international team of 800 people. Or actually, a collection of teams. Project teams, geographic teams and organisational teams. I soon noticed that we were not functioning optimally. Sometimes people did not understand each other or irritated each other, projects were often delayed and there were various

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Hello, My name is Sepideh Saidi. I would like to share the experience I gained during the project team training facilitated by Marieke and Hans. It was a difficult project with many challenges. My role was team lead; I was responsible for the execution of a part of the project. We did the training with the entire project team consisting of people with different roles. There were tensions

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To me, teaming skills and facilitation skills are a kind of superpowers. I got introduced to them in my career at Atos KPMG Consulting as a management consultant in the Core Skills training and I was immediately hooked. The philosophy gave me goose bumps. I subsequently started to apply it in all my work over the years. In my role as a leader and in my responsibility as

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My name is Daam Grund. I lead major change processes within organisations and especially in the IT domain. I often experience and witness failing collaboration, particularly in the IT sector where methodologies for Agile working, such as Scrum, Devops and Safe are a huge hype and a trend. In order to implement those ways of working, everyone is sent to training courses and everyone has read their books

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My name is Bas Middelbos. I work in R&D at Canon Production Printing in Venlo. A few years ago, I organised a multi-day team start with Marieke and Hans with a project team that was at the beginning of a fairly long and complex development process for a new product. The team start was a very nice mix of getting to know each other, learning to trust each

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What does teaming mean to me? When I experienced the Core Skills training at the start of my career, the power of working in teams quickly became clear to me. The training provided me with concrete tools and tips, such as plan-do-review and what-does-good-look-like. But it also gave me the insight to not only pay attention to the content, but also to the relationship, to the process and

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My name is Menno Valkenburg. As a project pilot I have the privilege to help project teams navigate through challenging situations. Teaming is indispensable in these cases. I learned about the Teaming philosophy at KPMG Consulting. The training I then followed was an eye opener in several ways. Experiencing the phases of team development and the focus on reflection and evaluation, on giving and receiving feedback are valuable

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Simon Sinek's answer to the question "If you were starting a business right now, what problem would you be setting out to solve and why?" connects beautifully with why we started Teaming Company: how do we connect with each other, work together in a world where we judge quickly, listen badly, think in terms of 'I am right, so then you are wrong'? To become human again,


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I place my trust in people more often than I realise: heading out in my car means trusting other road users. Taking a seat on an airplane means placing my trust in my fellow passengers, the pilots, the security procedures at the airport and the maintenance engineers. And my ultimate trust experience had to be when I did a tandem skydive; attached to a man who I didn’t

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Forget about team building; go teaming Stable teams disappear and with it the classic team building. One day you work in one team, the next in another. Team members have to achieve results together in varying compositions and in a short time become, the acclaimed high performance teams. This requires personal leadership and active attention to team development. Get rid of old images like the individual disappearing into

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