Matt Rektor was project leader and took part in team coaching with his team and another project team.

Matt Rektor“We really did become a we-team. […] We developed a much better understanding of how to work with each other, how to leverage each other’s strengths.”


You are part of a team or department, as a leader, team member or client. There is something going on in the team, but you cannot put your finger on it (yet). Or maybe you do know what is going on, but you don’t yet see the way out.

The problem can manifest itself in

  • lagging results,
  • lack of clarity or confusion in the division of roles,
  • all kinds of things happening in the context,
  • the mutual collaboration or that with other teams, departments or business partners,
  • uncomfortability, because you have just started,
  • something else.

How do you tackle the problem so that you no longer feel hindered and can continue successfully and with confidence?


Our team coaching – which consists of one or several team sessions – aims to (again) give each team member clarity and confidence in their role and contribution. With that we put the team back on track. The problem has been addressed, both rationally and emotionally. Now that the team has lived through this problem, there is recognition and confidence when the next bumps arise.

The team members know their responsibilities and take ownership. Collaboration within the team has improved.