Monique Musch“At the end of the week I was positively surprised how they delivered their message, their motivation. They took ownership and there was no question whatever regarding their direction.”

Sepideh Saidi“As a result, we have been able to resolve the conflicts with each other and build more understanding for each other’s needs and expectations.”

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The team has been on its way for a while, but there is little progress; it seems like the team is spinning in circles.

  • Discussions reoccur, are not properly concluded or are insufficiently converted into actions.
  • Real discussions seem to be avoided.
  • You would like to make progress and see that action list shrink.

What does it take to bring the team to high performing so that we deliver results and are proud?


A stuck team is unlocked when each team member has confidence in his role and contribution in the team and in the team as a whole. During the session the team meets with the client(s) so that they too regain confidence in the team, the plans and the working method.

The team gets moving again in one or a few sessions. The elephants in the room have been named and chased away, and more importantly: you have created trust and safety with each other, which has greatly reduced the chance of new elephants appearing.

After the blockages have been discussed, it is important to work together and deliver a team effort. A compact team assignment from the client(s) can give the team confidence again. The client(s) hear and experience what the team is capable of, what the team stands for, what everyone’s role and contribution is, and what is expected of the client(s).

In addition to team development, the team boost also delivers concrete results:

  • clarity about goals and results, roles and responsibilities;
  • expectations with stakeholders are discussed and aligned;
  • team agreements, in which the basis for effective collaboration has been laid;
  • team members who feel safe to challenge each other and work with energy and focus towards the best result.