Teaming for client results

The collaboration within your team or department differs from reasonable to good – and could be better. We bring co-workers together so that they improve their personal effectiveness and collaboration in their daily practice. In this way they experience what is needed to achieve results each time and they individually learn what teaming means.

Unique in our approach is that we provide teams with a high performance experience and have them learn from it. This is preceded by the team members reassessing their own and their collective behaviour. Watch the video to get an impression of our guidance.

Teaming by professionals

You are good at your profession and you work in one but perhaps also in several teams. Yet you are not able to properly convey your knowledge and view to the people you work with. You don’t feel comfortable with that. How can you do that differently and stay true to yourself?

Our program will help you with that. We explore why you are not completely successful in conveying your knowledge and point of view. You may also have the feeling that you live on another planet, we will investigate that as well. You will be given tools to convey your insights differently, and we will not teach you any tricks – you are allergic to that anyway.

Teamstart: rapidly experiencing the team development stages a first time

You’re the leader of a new team. How do you get this team moving fast, to ensure you can divide your time between being team leader and paying attention to other stakeholders?

Our team start is unique, because it is not limited to personal introductions, team agreements, goals and plans. Beyond that our team start lets you experience the different stages of team development. Your team makes a leap forward in time.

Bas Middelbos “During the team start, we paid a lot of attention – in addition to content – to process, relations, the context. Ultimately, everything has to be right if you want a project to succeed.”

Click on Bas’ picture to read about his experience as the project leader of a starting team. Or listen to him speak in Dutch below.

Monique Musch “At the end of the week I was positively surprised how they delivered their message, their motivation. They took ownership and there was no question whatever regarding their direction.”

Below Monique Musch shares her experience
as the client of a team that got stuck.

Team boost: develop towards high performance

It seems as if you are going round in circles and don’t make progress; the team swings back and forth between politeness and moments of distrust and irritation. Maybe the elephant is spotted in the room, but it is not gone yet.

We help you to voice what was tough or impossible to voice up till now.  As a team you get the opportunity to experience what the new way of collaboration could look like. Listen to Monique’s experience as one of our clients.

Team coaching: resume with renewed confidence

The team does not perform as it should. Is it the unclarity of the result, the division of roles, the context, the collaboration in the team or with others?

You feel strongly that something should be done.

We will work with you, so that you can quickly identify the sore spot and take steps towards a high performing team. Our team coaching consists of one or a few workshops.

Matt Rektor was project leader and together with his team and another project team he participated in team coaching.

Matt Rektor“We really did become a we-team. […] We developed a much better understanding of how to work with each other, how to leverage each other’s strengths.”

Teaming consultation

The team does not run smooth, but you can not put your finger on it. You’re wondering what you can do about it.

In a teaming consultation we listen and ask you for your observations, experiences and ideas. We will challenge you to look at the issue from different angles and we will share our knowledge and view. This way we support you on your way towards better collaboration.