My name is Sepideh Saidi. I would like to share the experience I gained during the project team training facilitated by Marieke and Hans. It was a difficult project with many challenges. My role was team lead; I was responsible for the execution of a part of the project. We did the training with the entire project team consisting of people with different roles.

There were tensions between team members. We did not take the time to discuss those with the team or resolve conflicts. Because of the pressure on the project to deliver, we kept running without stopping and paying sufficient attention to the team process.

Through the training we all came to new insights on how the team functions and what we can actually expect from each other. Above all the training contributed to better communication between the team members.

Marieke and Hans provided methods to work together more efficiently. Methods such as RCTB, which we used a lot during the training. Back in our daily routine, we continued to use that method quite often.

The training was not only useful on a team level, it also helped me on a personal level. There was disagreements between me and one of my colleagues at the time. During the training it became very visible, both for me and for him, what was the cause of it. Looking back, we actually entered a storming phase and a lot of strong emotions surfaced. It was an uncomfortable situation but in hindsight we both benefited from it, because it enabled us to resolve our conflicts and reach a better understanding of each other’s needs and expectations. This ultimately allowed us to interact more smoothly on a normal working day and collaborate better, which was great.

Of course, the training also helped the team as a whole to function better; everything was put on the table, conflicts were discussed immediately and we looked for a solution together in order to continue more efficiently.

To all professional project teams that want to take a step in their team performance, when things are not running smoothly in your team, I wholeheartedly recommend this training. It is extremely suitable to gain new insights and help you take a step in the right direction to improve the team process.