You are a professional, a champion in your profession and therefore several teams welcome your knowledge, perspective and experience. But you yourself think that your personal impact and the collaboration in those teams could be better:

  • you feel like the crying voice in the wilderness; why don’t they understand you?
  • you function in several teams at the same time. That is not easy, and others show little understanding of this,
  • the teams make insufficient use of your knowledge and experience,
  • there does not seem to be a clear picture of the intended result,
  • in fact there is no team in which you feel at home,
  • team members have little understanding for the other obligations that you also have.

How can you convey your message in such a way that others understand you, you stay true to yourself and that you feel at home?


Teaming by professionals is successful if you are able to bring your expertise to each team and know how you can contribute to the development of each team.

During our training program you will increase your insight into your qualities and preferred communication styles, and into how you deal with the qualities and styles of others. Through practice and reflection in a safe environment, you will discover which approach suits you best and in which areas you can develop further. You will learn in which ways you can manage your expectations and those of others, so that you feel more comfortable in the collaboration, and the teams feel like an oasis.