What does teaming mean to me? When I experienced the Core Skills training at the start of my career, the power of working in teams quickly became clear to me. The training provided me with concrete tools and tips, such as plan-do-review and what-does-good-look-like. But it also gave me the insight to not only pay attention to the content, but also to the relationship, to the process and the context in which you work.

In my current role of project manager and advisor, I still frequently use all the knowledge I have gained during that program. I still pay a lot of attention to a team start and I keep the development phases of a team in mind. I know that you have to go through the storming phase together in order to eventually move to the performing phase. Therefore I really recommend organizations to actively pay attention to team development. Ensure you have the basics in order, so your team can excel together. And do not hesitate to use external help. Better safe than sorry. The sooner you pay attention to the development of your team, the better the effectiveness and commitment. And the better your time and money is spent.