My name is Menno Valkenburg. As a project pilot I have the privilege to help project teams navigate through challenging situations. Teaming is indispensable in these cases. I learned about the Teaming philosophy at KPMG Consulting. The training I then followed was an eye opener in several ways. Experiencing the phases of team development and the focus on reflection and evaluation, on giving and receiving feedback are valuable elements that  I still use daily when I facilitate kick-off workshops of new projects, help bogged down projects to get back on track, or help project teams to close out their project properly.

A few years ago, I wrote a series of articles together with Marieke, Hans and Leo, that we eventually published in a book: ‘Five frustrations of project managers and what you can do with it’. This was again a wonderful teaming experience with a magnificent end result. It is my belief that the most significant difference between successful projects and companies and those that fail, is the quality of the collaboration between people. If you want to increase the quality of the collaboration between your people, I can heartily recommend the support of the Teaming experts of Teaming Company.