Trust unraveled


I place my trust in people more often than I realise: heading out in my car means trusting other road users. Taking a seat on an airplane means placing my trust in my fellow passengers, the pilots, the security procedures at the airport and the maintenance engineers. And my ultimate trust experience had to be when I did a tandem skydive; attached to a man who I didn’t

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There is an I in TEAM


Forget about team building; go teaming Stable teams disappear and with it the classic team building. One day you work in one team, the next in another. Team members have to achieve results together in varying compositions and in a short time become, the acclaimed high performance teams. This requires personal leadership and active attention to team development. Get rid of old images like the individual disappearing into

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Our logo animation


On 11/11 at 11:11 o'clock we launched Teaming Company. We like to see the eight ones in the date and timing as eight individuals who team up with each other. In our view teaming starts with the individual who flourishes in connection with himself and others. Because our animation makes us smile, we present it here.

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The value of not meeting team agreements


Everyone who has ever worked in a team will have experienced how, during the course of the collaboration, agreed commitments are not met. This results in frustration, diminishing trust and – in the worst case – apathy. It’s something that we also witness during team coaching. Our ultimate conclusion may surprise you: we believe that not meeting team agreements actually benefits the collaboration. This article outlines how.

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