Reaction from HR Manager

Looking for a program that could further improve the client and team skills of consultants, the CEO and HR decided to hire us. Together we developed a tailor made program with a tailor made name: Good to Great. This is how HR manager Mignon Liefting views our cooperation:


As  consultancy firm, together with Hans and Marieke, we designed the Good to Great (GtG) program for a number of reasons.

  1. This training provides a learning experience by simulation and gives a good mix between theory and practice regarding core consulting skills.  These core skills are the foundation for becoming an effective consultant. Think of abstracting the client’s issue, active listening, communication, presentation, leading workshops and giving feedback.
  1. Secondly, there is a very clever layering in the training structure and in the training days sequence. While working on a project with a team, it starts with understanding yourself, then others and your role in the team. Participants will gain more understanding in maximizing team results by co-creation.
  1. And last but not least, there is also extensive attention for feedback and team dynamics. Experience the flow in a high performing team. From good to great, so to speak.


My own experience is that you are exposed to different situations in a short period of time. Sometimes as a team, sometimes as an individual. Because of the project simulation approach, you are also working on a real client issue. And at the end of the training you deliver a useful client proposal.

Moreover, I got to know my colleagues in many more different ways. The intensity of the program also makes that there is enough time for yourself to reflect on your own behavior and role.


Through GtG we as a team have an unambiguous way of working and we speak the same language, which makes collaboration a lot easier. We also take this method into account in our client engagements, which we usually do in cooperation with the client. It becomes easier to onboard people.

The feedback exercises have also taught us to intervene faster in what can be done better, so that the team also improves itself.


Over the years with Hans and Marieke, we have developed a robust training concept that is part of our curriculum. The training process always starts with a leadership intake, followed by individual intakes with learning goals for participants. After the training recommendation to the leadership team is provided.

Hans and Marieke are direct in their feedback and dive to the core. They sometimes reveal the uncomfortable in order for the organization to grow.