My name is Anna Overdijkink. I have been working with the ideas of Teaming Company for years. And it’s really impactful for me for three main reasons.

Reason one for me is the power of a pressure cooker. Experiencing this session together in such a way is really worth gold. You step into it fully and you really face the challenges with each other. So, there is a lot of interaction, a lot of practicing with teaming and always distilling the lessons learned. For everyone a real mirror of their own individual patterns and the team’s performance. In this way a strong network is created in the organization, which in turn is a motor for the change the company wants to bring about.

Second what I find very special about these training courses, is that you work with hierarchical levels mixed together. As a result, walls disappear and addressing each other really takes place. You feel the power of working with roles in a team or in a group. Everyone has their strength and their pitfall, their added value, regardless of their function. In this way, talking about the culture and values transforms into doing and experiencing culture.

Thirdly, what is great about it is that it is an experience of practice. So, the assignments are straight out of daily practice. And the problems we work with are the ones that are currently at play at the top of the company or with important customers. So that makes it very different from a loosely designed training, namely pragmatic and in-depth. And that is the reason why I have been working with Teaming Company members for years.