Anna Overdijkink

My name is Anna Overdijkink. I have been working with the philosophy of Teaming Company for years. I consider it impactful for three reasons.

Firstly the impact of a ‘pressure cooker’. Experiencing a Teaming Company program together in such a way is truly valuable. As a participant you are drawn into the program flow and face the challenges together. There is a lot of interaction, a lot of practicing with teaming skills and even so often reflecting to capture lessons learned. The program provides a serious mirror to everyone which shows individual patterns and team behaviour. When teams have experienced such a program a strong network is created within the organisation, which in turn is a motor to drive the change the organisation wants to bring about.

Secondly, what I find very special about these programs is that you work with hierarchical levels mixed together. As a result walls disappear, and you address each other openly on a personal level. You feel the power of working with roles in a team or group. Regardless of their function, every team member has their strength and their pitfall, their added value. In this way, talking about the culture and values transforms into living and experiencing the culture and values.

Thirdly, what is great about the Teaming Company way of working is that it is an experience of practice. During the program participants work with assignments which are directly related to their daily practice. Some of the more complex assignments are actually at play in the top of the organization or on the agenda of its customers.

The Teaming Company approach is connected with the organisational development, being both in-depth ànd pragmatic.

And that’s why I have been working with Teaming Company members for years.